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Chris Knotts

* Lips Photo
courtesy: Becky Barr

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Younger Photos
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Dude’s Story

Picture of our Border Collie Dude





Dude Knotts

I guess when Dude grows up, and I have more time, I’ll have to change the “About Us” page as it reads “All my dogs were rescues of sorts” that is no longer true.

When I realized it was time to add a new dog to the family, I had some big decisions to make. Although, I have loved and cherished all my rescue dogs, I decided that first and foremost, I needed to find the best match for Peter and his “not quite perfect” disposition. I felt I needed to look for the most stable of dogs – one with a very good and sound temperament.  I know that there is never a guarantee of that, but I felt if I looked for a pup from parents I could meet, I might have a better chance of getting just that.

I had been moderately interested in herding in the past and had watched friends taking herding lessons with their dogs. One day, while I was in the midst of trying to decide where to get my “perfect puppy” from, I came upon the website of the man who had been giving the herding lessons.  Well, it just so happened he had a litter of pups for sale! I could not believe my good luck! I’d met his dogs. They all seemed to be friendly and stable!  I felt everything had just fallen into place! I could meet the parents AND pick my own puppy! How perfect! 

I called him. My husband and I went down to meet the pups the next day. The minute we walked into the building where the pups were housed, I knew we’d find the perfect match. We walked up to the pen and Chris’s eye’s met with the eyes of the most perfect puppy in the world. I feel it was fate.

Side Profile pose of Dude in our yard Silly Dude with frisbee toy for lips

We named him Dude. He is the best! He gets along beautifully with Peter and the cats. Peter and he play daily. He is a fun loving and friendly dog with a great sense of humor. We have so much fun with him!

Dude excels at both herding and agility. He is a blast to work with! Below are some of our accomplishments.

Here are some videos of us with the sheep:
#1 Herding- after 10 lessons, 9 months old ~ Part 1
#2 Herding- after 10 lessons, 9 months old ~ Part 2
September 2013 Dude entered his first USBCHA Herding Trial- Dude earned a 1st & 3rd place in the Novice Class.

Dude's accomplishments and titles include-
USDAA: AD- Agility Dog, AG- Advanced Gambler, AR- Advanced Relay, AAD- Advanced Agility Dog, ADCH- Agility Dog Champion, TM Bronze, SACH Bronze, SCH Bronze, JCH Bronze

Dude's Agility Videos
AKC Open Standard- shows blind cross, 2 on 2 off contacts
AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves - one of our first runs
AKC Masters Standard - shows 2 on 2 off contacts, pull to tunnel
AKC Masters Standard- shows naughty dog stay, fade from dogwalk, rear cross at poles
AKC Masters Standard- shows 2 blind crosses
AKC Masters Jumpers with Weaves- rear cross fade from poles, 2 blind crosses
AKC Masters Jumpers with Weaves- 26" jump height
AKC Masters Jumpers with Weaves- shows front cross, blind cross
AKC Masters Jumpers with Weaves- shows blind cross, collected turn cue, fade from poles
AKC Nationals: Jumpers with Weaves- 25.62 seconds
AKC Nationals: Hybrid- 27.072 seconds
AKC Nationals: Standard- my anxiety and lack of patience at the Aframe cost us yet another run! Arrrggg...
USDAA Master Snooker - a very confusing course but we managed to Eek out a Super Q!
USDAA Master Pairs

Younger Dude Photos

picture of Dude laying down Dude hanging out sunning himself

Top Left: Dude first came home.
Top Right: Dude 4-1/2 months old.
Right: Dude 6 months old.
Dude at 6 months old

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