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About Us

Picture of Belgian Sheepdog Rix, Collie Elvis & Border Collie Peter sitting together

I’ve had dogs all my life. When I was growing up, our family had a German Shepherd dog.

I’ve had 2 Great Danes, a mixed breed, and in 1998, I acquired a Collie “Elvis”, who introduced me to the sport of agility. I lost him in November 2010.

I currently live with my husband Chris and 2 Border Collies; “Peter” and "Dude" and 3 cats. All of my dogs have been rescues, of sorts*. My first Great Dane was dropped off at the gas station where I worked. My mixed breed was rescued from a bad situation. I found him, in a crate – locked in – with his mother. They had been left in someone’s garage. I found a new home for his mother and kept him. Elvis, the Collie, came from the Humane Society. Rix, the Belgian Sheepdog was a re-home. Pistol Pete “Peter”, the Border collie is from a Rescue group.
*See Dude's page.

I started to train agility in 1999 when Elvis was about a year old. I had no idea how big an impact it would have on me. I was totally hooked. I started instructing others in 2003, and have been doing so, on and off ever since.

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